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Using a Single Sign-on in Java based Web Applications
    Though a bypass login and Web service call provide facilities to skip subsequent logins to different Web apps, there are some drawbacks in their overall architecture, as seen earlier. If we first understand the need for using multiple Web apps, we can easily grasp why a single sign-on is required.

Eclipse in Action - open source for you
    Once login is successful, you will be asked to close the browser window or tab. Click Okay on the pop-up dialogue box and wait. Step 14: The progress bar will indicate that processing is going on behind the scene. Step 15: Select the Project and click Finish.Author: Mitesh Soni

The Top Nine Open Source Cloud Management Platforms
    The author works in a Graduate School, Duy Tan University in Vietnam. He loves to work and research on open source technologies, sensor communications, network security, Internet of Things etc.

Open Source For You - EFY Group
    Launched in January 2003, OpenSource For You is a complete magazine on open source, and is today a big hit with those who love FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

Linux System Administration: Managing Users and Groups
    This is an article that takes the reader back to the basics of Linux. It covers the various aspects of users and groups in Linux, like adding or removing them, giving them passwords, etc—all from a systems administrator’s point of view. Linux is a multi-user operating system, which means that more than one user can use Linux at the same time.

LINUX For You -
    This is, no doubt, more secure than a static password, because the attacker needs to know both the PIN, and possess the token/device you are using. If the attackers try eavesdropping on your login session too, they won’t succeed, since a one-time password is valid for only one session. Once an OTP is generated, it cannot be reused.Author: Pradyumna Dash

Build a website using Bootstrap and Express.js framework ...
    If you see the text printed in the browser, as shown in Figure 1, then you are all set for creating a website using Bootstrap and Express.js. Creating a website We are going to use Bootstrap and basic HTML for the view, and the Express.js framework as a Web server and to handle routes.

SCP Health
    Learn more about SCP Health, a healthcare resource for provider careers and hospital management solutions.

Spelman Johnson: Executive Search Firm Serving Higher ...
    Spelman Johnson is a premier executive search firm exclusively committed to serving higher education. Recruiting talented leaders on behalf of the institutions we serve, our success is strengthened by our deep and diverse relationships and our investment in the development and engagement of …

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