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    Login to MyGeoHub: This step requires all users to have an account on or an account at a research and higher education institution which is part of the InCommon Federation. Case I: If you have an account on, you can go to the login page, select Sign in with your mygeohub account, and login using your MyGeoHub account ...

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    Powered by the HUBzero(R) Platform for Scientific Collaboration. Platform for water education, research, data access, partnership and collaboration

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    Login Information. Username required. Combination of lowercase letters and numbers. No spaces or punctuation. Password required. Confirm Password required. ... You must confirm receipt of confirmation e-mail from [email protected] in order to complete registration. Personal Information.

MyGeohub - About MyGeoHUB
    MyGeoHub is a geospatial science gateway that supports the geospatial modeling, data analysis and visualization needs of the broad research and education communities through hosting of groups, datasets, tools, training materials, and educational contents.

MyGeohub - Knowledge Base
    Powered by the HUBzero(R) Platform for Scientific Collaboration. Community Help. Can't find something in the Knowledge Base? Try the community Questions & Answers and see if it has already been addressed by the community.

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    Powered by the HUBzero(R) Platform for Scientific Collaboration. Articles feed. About Cyber Training. The overall goal of this project is to create a new generation of scientists to manage data-rich and computationally intensive tasks to become globally competitive in the STEM, thus fulfilling...

MyGeohub - MultiSpec
    Introduction. MultiSpec is an easy to learn and use, image processing tool for interactively analyzing a broad spectrum of geospatial image data, with capabilities such as image display, unsupervised and supervised classification, feature extraction, feature enhancement, and several other functions.

MyGeoHub—A sustainable and evolving geospatial science ...
    With the support for account federation and component invocation using a web URL, WaterHub developers created an OAuth2 authentication plugin that allows HydroShare users to login to MyGeoHub using their HydroShare credentials. Internally, the HydroShare account is either linked to an existing MyGeoHub account or a newly created internal account.Cited by: 2

MultiSpec© Download for Macintosh
    Feb 24, 2017 · MultiSpec runs inside of HTML5. There is an option to change to java if your browser does not support HTML5. If you do give this a try, let us know how it works for you. Also provide any suggestions that you have. There is a location on the MultiSpec mygeohub tool site to provide "wishes".

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