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The ESA Iris Programme: a new satellite communication ...
    1 The ESA Iris Programme: a new satellite communication system for Air Traffic Management EIWAC, Tokyo –12 Nov. 2010

Space for safe skies ESA’s Iris Programme ... -
    ESA’s Iris Programme of satellite communication for ATM EIWAC, 19 February 2013 – [email protected] ESA UNCLASSIFIED – Releasable to the public ... Login (no traffic) New air-ground safety coms systems for 2020+ cf ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan . …

1030MHz/1090Mhz 信号の復号方式の改善 電子航法開発部 ... - ENRI
    1030MHz/1090Mhz 信号の復号方式の改善 電子航法開発部 ... - ENRI

空港面監視システムによる航空機検出の位置精度 - ENRI
    空港面監視システムによる航空機検出の位置精度 - ENRI

Evaluation of extreme ionospheric total electron content ...
    Abstract Associated with plasma bubbles, extreme spatial gradients in ionospheric total electron content (TEC) were observed on 8 April 2008 at Ishigaki (24.3°N, 124.2°E, +19.6° magnetic latitude),...Cited by: 7

Using SBAS in a Simulation - Spectracom Online Manuals
    Using SBAS in a Simulation. GSG will select SBAS SV based on their elevation with respect to the user position. When the scenario is running the SBAS satellite positions and speed will be updated with the information found in the SBAS messages.

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