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    Le site de l'attractivité de l'Alsace. Agence d'attractivité de l'Alsace. L'Agence d'Attractivité de l'Alsace porte une stratégie d'accélération et de rayonnement de la compétitivité de l'Alsace.

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    Alsace is one of the great, under-appreciated treasures of the wine world. This pretty enclave of fairytale villages in the lee of the forested Vosges Mountains offers a wide range of varietally labelled wines, of which the aromatic whites are still, despite global warming, much more successful than the light reds. For much of its history, Alsace was Elsass and part of Germany.

    Managing to escape the hail and frost that beset other French regions meant that Alsace had good yields in 2016. However, during a wet June mildew was a potential problem, but the rest of summer was warm and dry. Harvest conditions were good, and the resultant wines are more elegant and classic in profile than the richer 2015s. 2015

Alsace-Lorraine Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your ...
    Alsace-Lorraine Travel Guide ... Login. Go. USA Europe Africa ... who put the hyphen in Alsace-Lorraine? Alsace's strip of vine-covered hills squeezed between the Rhine and the Vosges Mountains ...

A la Une - L'Alsace
    L'incendie d'un immeuble du quartier gare à Strasbourg a fait cinq morts et sept blessés dans la nuit de ... Marie et Pablo habitent au deuxième étage de l'immeuble où s'est déclenché l ...

Alsace History, Culture, Geography, & Map Britannica
    The people of Alsace continued to speak a German dialect known as Alsatian, but the use of French spread among the upper classes. From 1815 to 1870 Alsace actively participated in French national life. The introduction of universal suffrage (1848) and the building of railways helped to bind France and its eastern frontier province closely together.

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