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Alpaca Forms - Examples
    Alpaca can be used in all kinds of different ways. You can use it to render forms for content creation, editing and read-only display. You can run it with layouts optimized for Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI …

Alpaca Forms - Localized Login Demo
    Localized Login Demo. Back to Examples. This example uses Twitter Bootstrap. The form below provides a localized login form in Spanish. It uses the es_ES local to render the form in Spanish using the configuration shown. It also hooks in a custom validation and submission handler.

Must click submit button twice for submitting form · Issue ...
    Oct 08, 2012 · Hi I m using Alcapa2 for checking the power of the framework… I saw that in a form there is this problem: when I change a invalid text in a valid text and sudden I click on the submit button I must click 2 times for sending the form to t...

javascript - Alpacajs validation: Is it possible to allow ...
    I have an alpacajs form with two buttons: "Save Draft" and "Submit". The behavior I'm trying to implement for these buttons is: The user can click the 'Save Draft' button and submit the form even if there are empty required fields or other validation problems; their data will be saved so they can resume work on the form later; their partial data will be stored in a backend and included in the ...

Authenticate users on Jekyll sites – Index
    The Annoyance. One of the limitations of using a static site Jekyll template is visitors don’t sign in. Jekyll was not built to ask users for their login credentials (like Wordpress and other CMS systems do).

log · gkathan/space Wiki · GitHub
    npm install jsdoc -g => does not work. sidr $.sidr("close") 20150123. start a new branch of kanban js package for the express version => includes all NG features => reomve all legacy features => v2.0 => directly edit out of kanbanexpress dir

Json-GUI—A module for the dynamic generation of form-based ...
    Json-GUI is an AngularJS front-end module that dynamically generates form-based web interfaces. Starting from a formal JSON configuration object describing a list of inputs, Json-GUI is able to build a form frame interface at runtime, with standard and personalized validation rules, giving the possibility to define constraints between input fields.Cited by: 1

is safe and legit report -
    Can you trust ? We want to help you stay away from scammers. We checked reputation at lots of sites, including Google safe Browsing and Siteadvisor and 360 and MyWOT To create reputation review.

The Cloud CMS Blog - Page 14 - Cloud CMS
    One of the many uses of Cloud CMS is as a storage and reporting mechanism for forms. If you’re looking to put a form up onto your web or mobile site, Cloud CMS serves as an excellent option for capturing and storing this information.

Alpaca - Easy Forms for jQuery Hacker News
    Why does the form have to be generated dynamically by JS? A much better solution would be to generate the markup on the server-side. It should be easy enough to port this to Node, and a bit more of work for other major backend languages like Ruby, Python and PHP.

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