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Cocktail (1988)
    General information for Cocktail (1988). Synopsis: After being discharged from the Army, Brian Flanagan moves back to Queens and takes a job in a bar run by Doug Coughlin, who teaches Brian the fine art of bar-tending. Brian quickly becomes a patron favorite with his flashy drink-mixing style, and Brian adopts his mentor's cynical philosophy on life and goes for the money.

NationStates Trading Cards
    Trading Cards . Earn Trading Cards by answering issues. Each issue has a chance of granting a new pack! Junk cards you don't want and receive a small amount of bank by tapping the top flag area! Buy and Sell cards in the Market! Gift a card to any nation by paying a transfer fee! Read more thrilling details in the FAQ!. 5.92 German Holy Roman Empire's trades... (168开奖现场,168开奖现场资料,168开奖现场最新版本 … (hosted on details, including IP, backlinks, redirect information, and reverse IP shared hosting data

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