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[2001.07884] Curvature Regularized Surface Reconstruction ...
    Jan 22, 2020 · We propose a variational functional and fast algorithms to reconstruct implicit surface from point cloud data with a curvature constraint. The minimizing functional balances the distance function from the point cloud and the mean curvature term. Only the point location is used, without any local normal or curvature estimation at each point. With the added curvature constraint, the computation ...Author: Yuchen He, Sung Ha Kang, Hao Liu

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[2002.07884] Observational nonidentifiability, generalized ...
    Feb 18, 2020 · We study the parameter estimation problem in mixture models with observational nonidentifiability: the full model (also containing hidden variables) is identifiable, but the marginal (observed) model is not. Hence global maxima of the marginal likelihood are (infinitely) degenerate and predictions of the marginal likelihood are not unique. We show how to generalize the marginal …

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07884 - YouTube
    Feb 01, 2018 · Заколка 07884

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    News *Gift Card issuance charges are waived since beginning of launching the product, currently waived till 31-03-2016, waiver is proposed to be continued till 31.12.2017.

大连理工大学研究生管理信息系统 -
    南京南软科技有限公司是江苏省软件企业,自创立起就一直致力于行业应用软件的开发,目前拥有多项领先的技术和产品,并以一流的商誉赢得业内外人士的广泛称赞。南软公司本着“替用户着想,为用户服务,对用户负责”的客户服务理念,坚持尽最大的努力,使用户得到满意的产品、满意的工程 ...

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