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    Meng Xiangqi Vice Secretary. Tel:021-34204414. Email:[email protected] . Address:Room 403, Building 5, College of Pharmacy

    Zhang Baohong Microbiology and Immunology Experiment / Drug Development Experiment. Email: [email protected] Tel:021-34204631. Title / Position. Associate Professor


Exploiting Noncovalently Conformational Locking as a ...
    We have developed a kind of novel fused-ring small molecular acceptor, whose planar conformation can be locked by intramolecular noncovalent interaction. The formation of planar supramolecular fused-ring structure by conformation locking can effectively broaden its absorption spectrum, enhance the electron mobility, and reduce the nonradiative energy loss.Cited by: 324

Variational Analysis of the Phenyl + O2 and Phenoxy + O ...
    Variational transition state analysis was performed on the barrierless phenyl + O2 and phenoxy + O association reactions. In addition, we also calculated rate constants for the related vinyl radical (C2H3) + O2 and vinoxy radical (C2H3O) + O reactions and provided rate constant estimates for analogous reactions in substituted aromatic systems.

Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers: The Fourth ...
    Aug 14, 2001 · When asked to explain the importance of the discovery of conducting polymers, I offer two basic answers: They did not (could not?) exist, and they offer a unique combination of properties not available from any other known materials. The first expresses an intellectual challenge; the second expresses a promise for utility in a wide variety of applications. This Nobel Lecture, presented in ...Cited by: 994

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