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Patterdale Terrier Club of America
    The Patterdale Terrier Club of America is a Registry and Pedigree Service, featuring Registrations on over 3,400 Patterdales and Pedigrees on approximately 13,000 Patterdales. A quarterly On-Line newsletter, "THE BLACK DOG" is sent to members. Assistance for owners/breeders and prospective fanciers in obtaining information on the breed.

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    Login below to access your music . RME Team Login: UserID: Password: Return to Rocky Mountain Express Homepage. Having problems logging in? E-mail us for access instructions. ...

Membership Application -
    If you have never been a PTCA Member, Please, fill out and mail the New Membership Application. We need your contact information to enter you into the Member Data Base. If your Membership has not been current for over 2 years, please fill out and mail a New Membership Application.

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