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Rich software and games for Windows, Mac ... - DigitByte
    008soft (DigitByte) provides a large number of freeware, shareware and games for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Also offers software

008soft - report - Smooth Stat delivers statistics on any website including rankings, traffic, earnings, worth, similar sites, ip, whois, safety, widgets and more - for free!

Tif Joiner, join merge combine tiff files DigitByte
    How to join tiff files into a multi-page tif file. The TIFF (full title is TAGGED-IMAGE FILE FORMATS) is a format of file raster (popular called of bitmap, in Brazil) for digital images created by the Aldus for use in the trial of impression PostScript, that now is controlled by the Adobe.It transformed itself in the format standard of the graphic files (32-bits) with elevated definition of ...

How to convert movies from Mkv to avi or dvd? I got ...
    Jun 05, 2008 · How to convert movies from Mkv to avi or dvd? I got software that only plays not converts to dvd or avi.?

How to download a free audio dat file android? -
    Hi, DAT file is a general format used to code numerous kinds of information. It is frequently used to hold audio and video data. Audio data can be pull out from these DAT files and convert to usual audio file formats with the suitable program.

How to merge .avi files into one? Yahoo Answers
    Aug 18, 2008 · How to merge .avi files into one? I downloaded a film which was divided into three separate parts. First, my computer didn't recognize any of the files, and they were saved like title.avi.001, title.avi.002, and title.avi.003. However, after I went to each files Properties and deleted the numerical suffix, it recognized the files...

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